High Performance Text Analysis for Professional Users

Software developed by Pierre Molette and Agnès Landré on the basis of the work of Rodolphe Ghiglione


Analysis of written or spoken texts requires that certain questions should be asked with regard to certain objectives. To obtain answers to these questions, texts must be reduced as far as possible to their essentials.

Designed for Information Science, Market Research, Sociological Analysis and Scientific studies, Tropes is a natural language processing and semantic classification software that guarantees pertinence and quality in text analysis.

Extraction of Relevant Information

Tropes can immediately detect contexts, isolate themes and identify principal actors, through the application of three levels of semantic classifications. You can quickly determine who says what to whom; who does what, where and when; and with what purpose.

Qualitative Analysis and Categorization

Tropes identifies the text style in order to place it in context and rapidly compare it with other texts. Tropes uses semantic meta-categories to group verbs, adjectives, adverbs, personal pronouns and conjunctions.

Chronological Analysis

Tropes carries out a chronological analysis of a text from which the principal episodes can be isolated, the discussion blocks visualized and the development of an idea followed up.

Text Contraction (Summarization)

Tropes identifies a small group of “fundamental propositions” that run through the text, which it summarizes without repeating itself (relevant information for discourse analysis).

Natural Language Ontology Manager

Tropes’ scenario tool is an intelligent thesaurus manager based on semantic networks and natural language text analysis technologies, supplied with several ready-to-use classifications.

Hypertext Navigation

Via a user friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI), Tropes text analysis software proposes numerous hypertext graphs and automatically sorted keyword lists: practical aids to immediate viewing and checking of a hypothetical interpretation.

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