Discourse Analysis

Discourse analysis (politics, policies, social, societal and market studies, bibliographical research, informational management of your own data, opinion analysis, etc). You just put your documents in our hands, and we give you the best and accurate information retrieval.

NB Our offer is available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese languages. We also accept, under special conditions, German and Italian languages.

In our vision, discourse analysis consists in revealing the framework of a text, i.e. its meaning. This necessarily implies two things. First: a strong theoretical conception which is able to describe the textual organization and the structural (cognitive) organization of the author’s thought-processes. Secondly, it implies the use of a tool which rigorously excludes the subjectivity of the investigator – at least until the automatic analysis is finished.

Semantic Text Analysis features:

  • automatic generation of hierarchical concepts (ontology or thesaurus generation)
  • automatic semantic and syntactic ambiguity solving
  • automatic semantic analysis and categorization
  • three-layer automatic concept classification
  • text summarization
  • chronological discourse analysis
  • natural language ontology manager with ready-to-use classifications

Semantic Search Engine & Desktop Search features:

  • automatic generation of hierarchical concepts (ontology or thesaurus generation)
  • natural language search with ambiguity solving
  • automatic information filtering (based on a pertinence threshold)
  • similarity search with controlled vocabularies
  • massive data mining analysis (text mining)
  • search improvement for the references (nouns, trademarks and proper names)
  • maximum number of indexed folder structures: unlimited

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